Ibex 2.0 Mt Gl Grey Mint

Ibex 2.0 Mt Gl Grey Mint

900.00 د.إ


  • S 51-56 cm20-22″
  • M 55-59 cm21.6-23.2″
  • L 58-61 cm22.8-24″
  • WEIGHT 200g (±10)

HJC Ibex 2.0 Helmet

The IBEX 2.0 road helmet is an ultra-lightweight and comfortable helmet designed to provide optimal ventilation. Its unique shape improves aerodynamics and allows it to evacuate heat more quickly.

Developed in HJC’s own wind tunnel laboratory, the IBEX integrates the Ventury Dynamics to balance the air resistance force. The helmet is perfectly suited for intense effort and hot weather conditions thanks to its impressive and well balanced design.

Specifications of the HJC Ibex 2.0 Helmet

With a weight of just about 200g and a total of 16 ventilations, this perfectly ventilated helmet will also surprise you with its aerodynamics. It is also equipped with more classic functions such as: adjustable occipital cradle, goggle mount, strap splitters and antibacterial X-Static pads.

This helmet comes with spare pads and a bag to protect the helmet when you take it with you.


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