Astra Disc Pop Green Ultegra Di2 8170 MR Lite

Astra Disc Pop Green Ultegra Di2 8170 MR Lite

22,000.00 د.إ

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Ultegra Di2 8170 MR Lite

Astra is developed around people’s lives to make it suitable for various occasions, even very different from each other. Its features are designed with a very specific purpose: to amplify the lifestyle of those who get on the saddle, whatever their definition of cyclist.

Some bikes can be customized, Astra was created to be one.



Astra maintains its vocation for road cycling, but the attention to detail has made it less nervous and more comfortable. Light but without pushing the carbon of the frame to the extreme (which weighs about 980 g), it adopts Basso’s high-profile technological solutions.



Astra’s geometry is the most Basso of all, derived from the steel models. A platform improved year after year, preserving the racing DNA but making it transversal and able to adapt to those who are not an athlete who ride bikes every day. An evergreen consistent with its past, but capable of perfecting itself from model to model becoming more versatile.